About the Journal

Aims and scope

The Journal of Applied Linguistic and Intercultural Studies (JALIS) is an international double blind peer reviewed journal published by the Angel Kanchev University of Ruse (Bulgaria). The main goal of the journal is to serve as a platform for academicians, scholars and researchers on a global level to present, share and promote a rich spectrum of issues related to the study of language and intercultural communication. The journal welcomes publications which provide practical solutions to particular problems or theoretical discussions in the field of applied linguistics and intercultural studies. The journal welcomes original contributions in research areas such as:

  • bilingualism and multilingualism;
  • conversation analysis;
  • discourse analysis and pragmatics;
  • first and second language acquisition;
  • language teaching methodology;
  • language assessment;
  • language planning and policy;
  • neurolinguistics;
  • psycholinguistics;
  • globalization of cultures;
  • intercultural communication;
  • immigrant acculturation;
  • gender studies;
  • multiculturalism;
  • race and cultural identity;
  • nationhood, citizenship and belonging;
  • migration and mobility studies.

Instructions to Authors

Preparing your manuscript

Word limits

The papers should not exceed 3,000 words; this limit does not include tables, figures, figure captions, foot notes and references.

Style guidelines

Please, refer to the Style Guidelines and follow them strictly when preparing your manuscript. The Editors reserve the right to return a manuscript to the author(s) in case it does not fulfil the style and format requirements.

All manuscripts have to be written in English, Please, use the British spelling conventions.

General Guidelines

The articles submitted to the Journal of Applied Linguistic and Intercultural Studies should make original contributions to the fields of applied linguistics and/ or intercultural communication and should not have been previously published and considered for publication elsewhere (either in the form presented to the Editors or in a modified version).

The articles must be written in English. The manuscripts should not exceed 3,000 words (without the abstract). The Abstract should not exceed 200 words (between 150 ~ 200 words).

Since the Journal of Applied Linguistic and Intercultural Studies applies a double blind peer review policy of all submitted manuscripts, all authors are kindly requested to use a detachable cover sheet upon the submission of first or subsequent revised versions of their texts. The title page contains information about the authors’ names, institutional affiliation, institutional address and e-mail address.

Each author is requested to provide a brief biodata about himself / herself (not more than 100 words) which gives consistent information of his/her main research interests, fields of work, recent publications and contact e-mail address.

The author(s) of the manuscripts accepted for publication will have to sign a Copyright Assignment Form. Thus, the authors will prove the original character of their manuscript, the accuracy of their research data (on the basis of their research) and that the manuscript does not contain any material or statements of libelous, obscene, indecent of otherwise unlawful nature.